Hybrid Pads


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Hybrid Pads - Windy Fight Gear

The Windy PP6 (Multi-Functional Hybrid) pads.

Suitable for Trainers/Coaches for use with personal training adults and kids.

Best quality premium leather - Leather hand pads with a slight curve and thick foam to absorb even more power strikes - lightweight feel with velcro closure for secure fit and comfort -Double stitched for longer life - Well padded to provide protection for coach and fighter - Easy clean and dry.

Due to the size of these pads, it is recommended to be used to practice punching and technique kicks, its the largest out of the Focus mitts series. 

It's the perfect pad for coaches to improve their team's technical performance as well staying injury free.

Tested and approved in both Thailand and Europe and meet all European safety requirements. Handmade in Bangkok - Thailand